Welcome To Karavali Institute Of Fire & Safety Engineering

Affiliated by Planning Commission


No. 1 Institution in Udupi District

Certified and Experienced Faculty




Authorized Training Center of BSS - A National Development Agency
Promoted by Govt. of India Registration Number KAR/8415

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Our aims to provide high quality training and consultancy service for opportunities in both public and private sectors. To excel in the highly competitive business environment, we offer training in a broad range of sectors which has a great market appeal.


The precautions to prevent potentially harmful fires, surviving and reducing the damage caused by emergencies.


We provide you with practical actions, advice and resources to prepare for and cope during a range of emergencies.


The tools and information for teaching people of all ages about the fire and how to make choices regarding safety.


The plan focuses on implementing advanced technologies, improving services and resiliency during emergency events.

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Make Safe Your First Priority !

We also undertake consultancy services, on-site Competence Assessment, Risk Assessment, Lead incident/accident investigations, Project Site Inspections and Safety Auditing.

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New Generation Health, Safety & Environment  Academy

It is a leading Health & Safety Environment  training provider for industries ranging from Infrastructure, Construction, Off-Shore/Onshore.

Our Recent News

Support After An Incident


Youth Fire Stop Prevention and Intervention Program

How we can help

provides a wide range of high quality educational services and resources for the training sector, tools which will make a difference to you.


Intervention Program

Committed and Dedicated Staff

Our Staff are dedicated and experienced professionals with a passion for inspiring effort & high achievement

Excellent Student Faculty Ratio

Smaller student-to-faculty ratio is indicates each student is getting more personal instruction.

Research Opportunities

Interested students can avail Research Opportunities

Practical Oriented Classes

Practical skills will help students to learn better, understand the work condition and finally gain employment.

6 Months Courses

8th, 9th or 10th
Fail Students

Free Admission Kit

Free Uniform
First Aid Training

Quality Training

Quality training environment for students and strong alumni support

Why to Study

Safety Courses?

The Core vision of our organization to become No.1 institute in Occupational Health and Safety by 2022 in INDIA with various national and international qualifications and certifications which are job oriented for various employees and employers.

Think Safety today – be alive tomorrow! Never trust fire.

Accident brings tears, fire safety brings cheers.


To develop this academy as the centre of excellence and make this institution the first choice for the students and for the industries involved in health, Safety and environment.



Safety is not an option it must be priority in everyone’s life. Almost every organization has a safety department. The growing number of accidents led the government to enact and implement various acts and rules keeping the safety of workers. As a result, a flood gate of opportunities has been opened up in India.

Now a days, the global demand is more when compared to available trained man power. Huge number of career opportunities in the field of fire and industrial safety are available in India and abroad. A safety or fire profession is one of the highly respected professions in the world. So students, choose a career which has both dignity and prosperity.